Circe (painisbeauty666) wrote in into_the_sky,

I remember
When I played with ponies
And rainbows danced
With butterflies
I wore colorful dresses
And mis-matched socks
And cotton candy filled the skies

I remember
When I sang with angels
Had a magic wand
And faerie wings
There were magical kingdoms
With heroes and dragons
And all the stories had happy endings

I remember
When monsters would hide
In the darkest of corners
And under my bed
Witches ate children
And ghosts stole your soul
And I was afraid of the living dead

I remember
When I scraped my knee
And jammed my finger
And put my dog down
Daddy was a drunk
And his little princess
Lost her thrown and broke her crown

I remember
When daddy drank too much
And the ambulance came
And took him away
I stopped playing with ponies
And got rid of my wand
And everything changed because of that day
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