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Kathryn Ariel Mandell

an over propagating creativity: pretty pedestrian

pulsin', pulsin', pulsin'. enclosed at the end of this post is a link to an original volume of poetry and photo collages. i would love to hear your feedback.

this is the first LJ post i've made in over a decade! i used to go by the monicker "wolfofthewoods," and relished in the publication of whimsical and emotionally wrought works of fiction and poetry in the neopian times. i sip on the nectar of my memories surfing the neopian times writers' proboards forum, exchanging hilarities with dear friends who i connected with across massive swathes of space, oceans and mountain ranges.

i'm here to share writing again. let's do this.

my website is affectiveecologies.wordpress.com

here, i'm going to slap a post from there onto here. it is, as i like to say, the closest one can get to sipping from my brains with a straw.

"hi everybody (hi dr. nick)

i wrapped this up today and the filetype extension .pdf is the bow. i hope you find it diverting, therapeutic, cathartic and whatever else you need. i can assure you that it will not meet all of your needs. maybe it’ll stroke a few underused metaphysical muscles? or those that i feel are underused, that’s why i piled these words onto pages. need to massage those spots that our present reality leave aching. pining, you know.

with adoration❤

hit me up for a physical book if you like it like that

k doggy"

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